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February 2015
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There’s Bad and then there’s REALLY Bad customer service.  The recent experience I had with Dish Network qualifies for REALLY, REALLY Bad customer service and it just doesn’t get much worse than this.  They did absolutely everything wrong they possibly could and then some.

Read on and find out what NOT TO DO in customer serivce

Coaching for Success - Ready to Ship

Coaching for Success is ready to ship. This is a one-day seminar for managers and supervisors. SQI channel partners can help you facilitate the program or you can buy the user-friendly leader guide and 2 DVD's and implement yourself. Click here for the brochure.  Visit our web site to see a segment of the leader guide, video, participant manual, technique card, certificate of accomplishment and performance standard.

Employees are driven by recognition. They want to feel valued and loved. A paycheck just gets them to come to work. If you want high performing employees all managers and supervisors need to learn how to coach and when the person does not respond terminate. I believe that many organizations have at least 10% of their employees who are not effective, have mentally died on the job and are creating cancer in your organization. When the skills we teach in Coaching for Success do not work its time to help the employee find another job.

You will love the program. The video is exceptional. The scripting and talent was outstanding. The packing is always a "10" from SQI. The participant manual is 8 1/2" x 11" perfect bound 4-color manual. The Instructional Design is exceptional. We develop programs to change behaviors and attitudes and teach the skills so critical to success. The basics are always hard to master. We excel at teaching fundamentals. I personally do a lot of snow skiing. Last month I asked a close friend and elite skier to watch my skiing and give me suggestions on how to improve. He did but it is NOT easy to master the fundamentals he shared with me. Very hard to implement what you know. Review the Instructional Design brochure here.

We have special pricing through April 30. The Facilitator kit is $1,199; participant kits are $95 each.  The start up special for 15 participant people is discounted to $2,500.  We will throw in 10 extra participant kits worth $950 FREE with your first order. If you prefer our channel partners to facilitate the program for you it is only $200 a person. All of our products have a money back guarantee with no time limit. This means you can train your managers with Coaching for Success and if for any reason at any time you are unhappy with the results just return the material for a complete refund. In 45 years we have had 2 refunds totalling less than $800.

3-Year Service Culture Plan

About 55% of our revenue is from organizations serious about creating a service culture. When I released Feelings in January 1980 it was very successful. The first thing companies asked is what is next. I told them to just keep using Feelings. I did not know any better. You cannot put a person through the same program twice (unless it is because they didn't use the principles the first time). Your number one cost is labor time. Even in developing countries when you take 2500 employees the cost of labor adds up. If the listening switch is off you waste all your money. 

We are focusing on changing attitudes and behaviors. Most people know what is in our programs. They just don't use it. It is like my skiing. There are some things I need to do that are so simple but so hard to do. If you really want to create a service culture a new program needs to be implemented every 4 -6 months. Employees and often management prefer a new program every 10 years. Called the “flavor of the month”. Creating a service culture takes work, lots of effort. Everyone must be trained including security guards. NO exceptions. You cannot use the same dumb program year after year. Employees will rebel and just not participate or show up. The material must be exceptional each time. If the video is lousy, the participant materials look ugly and if its not designed you will WASTE YOUR MONEY. I TEND TO BELIEVE many organizations are not concerned about results and just want to say they did something.

During the last 15 years every organization has done something on customer service. The problem is they just did something. If you want a service culture SQI is the ONLY FIRM IN THE WORLD that has enough product where you can roll out a new program for at least 4 years every 4 months. We have invested millions in our leading edge technology. The reason we have done this is our passion for excellence in customer service and our passion to help every one provide it for themselves and their businesses. 

Every year we spend thousands of dollars introducing a new program and updating programs we have. Regardless of the size of the contract we have our NO IFS, NO BUTTS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE with no time frame. Contact SQI or your SQI Representative if interested.

Customer Service Performance Standards Available Electronically - The Software is free.

THIS IS READY FOR IMPLEMENTATION. ALL CUSTOMERS WHO WANT TO be sure of the results of our programs can use this free software. If an employee goes  through any programs of SQI the software can be used to identify their customer service performance based on BEHAVIOR AND ATTITUDES. It focuses on the skills we teach in the program they went through. The software will track their participation with each program and measure their performance over each program. The software can be installed on your computers or you can use SQI's.

Companies spend a lot of money on surveys and mystery shops. We are focusing on the leading edge skills and behavior we are teaching in the programs clients use.

Seeking Channel Partners - Passionate About Customer Service

We are adding new channel partners across the world to help us expand our markets and help organizations create a service culture. If you or anyone you know is passionate about customer service, wants to help organizations implement great service and has the capital to get into business for themselves, come join our team.

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