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December 2013

Amazon's Jeff Bezos on 60 Minutes... Thinking "Big"


Amazon Video

The recent 60 Minute interview with Jeff Bezos of Amazon focused primarily on holiday shopping, particularly the annual shopping extravaganza that is Cyber Monday.  It's a huge day for Amazon -- more than 300 items will be ordered each second --and does much to reveal the company's true ambitions.  Amazon doesn't just want to reinvent the way we shop for and buy things, it wants to upend every step of the process -- including how our purchases come to us.

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Moving Up…  Become Indispensable and Extraordinary

Moving UpAll of us are using a tiny fraction of our ability. We have self-imposed limitations that often prevent us from reaching our dreams, from achieving more, from getting promoted and making more money. Moving Up will help you and your employees achieve more.

Moving Up Book

The 127 page book is easy to read. Lots of white space. 16 chapters.  It will be one of the most valuable books you will read as you enter 2014. Moving Up is only $19.95 and we have discounts for volume. You can buy at Amazon, your local book store, or from Service Quality Institute.

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Moving Up Program for Your Entire Workforce

We have a two-session instructionally designed program implemented in 2 sessions of 3-4 hours each spaced one week apart. We have a user-friendly leader’s guide, 2 videos and a very attractive participant kit. You can view each component including the video on our web site

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I believe that about 2/3rds of the workforce just shows up. Moving Up gets people to believe in themselves, to want to become indispensable and extraordinary.  We have an Introductory Start Up Special with enough participant kits to train 25 employees for only $1399. All with our money back guarantee with no time limit. 

Channel Partners Passionate About Customer Service Needed

We have a limited number of channel partner opportunities across the world that are open. We are looking for talented firms and individuals with strong marketing and or facilitating skills to become channel partners. We need top talent and success driven people who want to change the world.  View link if interested. 

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