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September 2013

Mayo Clinic... In a league of their own


The Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota is highly ranked for quality more often than any other academic medical center in the nation. Recently, my wife Pat went for a health evalution at Mayo and we were very pleased with our experience. Read how our our time at Mayo is an example of why it is the top hospital for delivering the highest quality care.

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Stew Leonards in Connecticut

A Service Leader

Stew Leonards Jr. 

Subject: RE: I received an email from Stew Leonard, Jr who responded to my last newsletter entitled Setting the bar for Customer Service:


Hi John,

 RE: The $700 pair of prescription sunglasses.

 A customer asked for us to buy her a new pair of glasses because they “disappeared” in our store.  Rule 1, Rule 2, what do you do? It took a few visits but, she left happy with a $200 gift certificate and a bouquet of flowers.

 How many times has that happened since the rock was installed in 1972?  Just this one time with millions of happy customers walking by it!


I have been writing about Stew Leonards for over 20 years.  Stew Jr has a huge 6,000 pound rock in front of their store that says Rule 1 The customer is always right!  Rule 2  If the customer is ever wrong reread rule 1. (Every Stew Leonard store has the same rock in front of their store). 

They walk their talk. These supermarkets have higher sales per square foot than any food retailer in the world. Stew and his company walk the talk. I guess most supermarkets don't need this kind of volume. Service leaders are never seriously impacted by the economy. Customers love spending money with service leaders. What are you doing in your organization to become a service leader?


Istanbul Worldwide Conference

October 10-12, 2013


Join us on this unforgettable journey as we host the 2013 SQI Worldwide Conference from Oct 10-12 in Istanbul, Turkey. We have prearranged accommodation for the group at the Nippon Hotel with group rates that includes the following services:

- 4 nights hotel (Oct 9th - 12th) stay at the Nippon Hotel including breakfast

- Airport pick up on arrival and drop off during departure

- 3 days conferenve including lunch, coffee breaks, andrefreshments

- Half day Istanbul City Tour with English speaking guide

- Awards ceremony onboard private Bosphorus Cruise with dinner and entertainment


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John Tschohl, President Service Quality Institute

»Mayo Clinic... In a league of their own
»Stew Leonards
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»Service Strategy - What is it?

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Service First Video Library

Video Library

Our powerful video-based training system improves the entire workforce of your company with group interaction without the need to hire a trainer or facilitator. It is the essential first step to an improved customer service culture within your company.

Russian Moving Up Book Released

Video Library

The Russian Moving Up book is now available in Russia and is in the book stores. You can also view and order off this link. Piter is the publisher.

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Online Courses

St Cloud State University's Center for Continuing Studies, is offering an online version of their customer service training sessions that they have provided through their open enrollment sessions.  The online version, entitled,  "Enhanced customer service: Increasing Profits & Loyalty, consists of 4 main areas of customer service with different modules within each theme.  There are a total of 14 different module- you can choose to take as many or as few as you'd like.  Or if you would like to become certified you choose 8 out of the 14 that most appeal to you. These self-paced modules take an average of 2 - 4 hours each, with a test at the end of each module.  To see more details on this online customer service training go to www.scsutraining.com then click Small Business - Customer Service Training.


Service Strategy  - What is It?

I am a service strategist. Not a customer service speaker or training company. My vision is to help organizations understand the power of the service strategy. My research shows that firms who build a company around the customer experience own and dominate the market. They crush their competition. The value of a service leader is increased by at least 25%. They have a 10 year lead time over their competition before they will ever figure out what you have done. Not hours or days. At least 10 years.

The focus has to be on the customer. This means dumb rules and procedures have to be eliminated. Everything has to focus on the customer experience. Everyone in your entire organization must be trained on the art of customer service. You must focus on a culture of customer service. Service Quality Institute is the ONLY company in the world that has enough product that a company can introduce a new program every 4 months for years. (Go to www.customer-service.com)

My service strategy seminars are designed to create excitement, action and passion toward driving a service culture. It does not take a lot of money to create a service culture but it takes effort, work and a relentless focus by management. (Visit www.JohnTschohl.com) I still do not understand why more firms do not want to copy service leaders like Apple, Metro Bank London, Stew Leonards and of course…The Mayo Clinic.


If I can personally be of help, feel free to contact me.

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