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May 2013

Bureaucracy - Free Zone


Polaris LogoPolaris Chairman and CEO  Scott Wine had a nice cover story in Twin Cities Business magazine. Polaris  manufactures off the road vehicles. They have about 20% market share in a $12 billion industry. Polaris reported $3.2 billion in 2012 revenue, up 21 percent from $2.7 billion in 2011.

One of Wine’s greatest targets of contempt is red tape.


“I detest bureaucracy." he says. Certainly few business executives like it. But Wine suggests that it has a particularly  dangerous effect on a company like Polaris, built on lean manufacturing and speed to market.

“Almost by definition, (bureaucracy) involves waste, cost and slowness. Wine says, And the last time I checked, waste, cost and slowness are among the worst things that can happen to a company."

I love his thinking. Powerful words.

What are you doing in your organization to remove waste, costs and lack of speed? 


BAD Cost Reduction Campaign

Bad guy in red carSQI has updated its 30 days cost reduction campaign, called BAD, which stands for Buck-A-Day. The focus of the campaign is to get every employee to look at where they work to come up with a way to save $1 a day. There is typically 250 working days in a year so if a firm had 1000 employees this would amount to savings of $250,000. If a firm had sales of $20 million and profit of 5% the BAD campaign would have the same impact as increasing sales $5 million for a small investment of only $25,000.

The focus is on recognition and participation. NO money is used.  Participation often runs between 70-90%. Most suggestion systems have a 1-65 participation rate. The investment for firms varies from $35 - $12 per person. 

We have new software in addition to new designs and images. It allows you to track the savings and implementation of the ideas. SQI guarantees the savings exceed the investment you make with SQI or we refund the difference. We have never had to do this because the waste in most organizations is so huge. For more information, visit our web site.

Achieving Excellence Through
Customer Service  9th Edition 2013

I have updated my book, Achieving Excellence Through Customer Service. The 9th edition  is on our web site.  

 Buy the book

All the financial information has been updated with 2012 and 2013 information. It is ONLY available electronically. We still have inventory of the 8th edition.

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John Tschohl, President Service Quality Institute

»BAD Cost Reduction Campaign
»Achieving Excellence Through Customer Service
»Amazon, The Best of the Best
»Moving Up for Book Stores

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» Build Your Dream Team. Educate, Motivate, Stimulate, Evaluate, and Terminate
» Who Are Your Customers.  If You Don't Know, How Can You Serve Them?

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Amazon, The Best of the Best

Amazon is one of the most customer driven firms in the world. Probably the best in the world. They understand speed, price, technology and everything is built around customer service.

Read the full Blog post to learn more about Amazon's service Culture


Moving UP Being Released 

My new book, Moving Up, is being released in May. It is now in stock in our warehouse. The price is $19.95. The focus of this book is getting people to remove self-imposed limitations and to become extraordinary.  Very few of us use our full potential. It is a fast and easy read.

The Russian rights have already been sold. Your book stores and Amazon should start to have the book by June 1st.  It is an ideal gift for those who have unlimited potential but need a little push.  (This involves almost all of us). 

All orders received by June 30th  receive free shipping.

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