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October 2017

Key Steps Critical to Being a Service Leader
There are a variety of core skills or steps necessary to become a Service leader. Take these 7 skills and implement them into your Customer Service Practices today!

Get the 7 steps here.

One company that fully understands these 7 steps and takes them to another level, is a home security device company called Ring.

Ring is constantly improving its technology, so as expected, there are often problems that occur.

I bought the device at Home Depot the other week and have had many back and forth phone calls with their customer service. I was relieved to see that they have very smart, very customer driven people that answer their service calls. I would rate their customer service a "10."

This is an email I received from Jennifer, one of their employees. Very professional.

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Jennifer Hefley (Ring.com)
Oct 7, 1:20 PM MST

Hello John,

It was a pleasure speaking with you today. Please feel free to reply to this email if you need further assistance and I will be happy to get back to you.

If I am out of the office and you do not receive a response within 48 hours, please feel free to email Ring support at help@ring.com.

As always, you can reach us via phone at US +1(800) 656-1918 or INTL +1(310) 929-7085.

Alternatively, Chat agents are available via our website, www.ring.com.

Thanks for contacting Ring!


Ring Community Support

An example of a firm that practices NONE of these steps is RCI. The largest vacation timeshare exchange firm in the world. When you call their number 877-968-7476 they excel at "voice mail jail." They love surveys. In fact they worship their surveys.

They have no grasp of technology. NO speed. Very rule driven. Employees have scripts that they must use. Sometimes a firm is able to maintain their market position even when they excel at awful service.

Don't be like RCI, learn the 7 steps now and become a Customer Service leader

Jeff Immlet CEO of GE Retires - Stock Dramatically Dropped in Value While CEO
On September 2, 2001 Jeff Immlet took over as CEO of GE. In the US it seems the more incompetent a CEO the more he gets paid.

July 31, 2017 was his last day as CEO of GE. During his 16 years the GE stock dropped in value from $39.66 (Sept 2, 2001) to $25.61 (July 31, 2017). According to Morningstar, $1000 invested would have grown in value over 16 years to $1,082 with dividends. That is NOT good!

Immlet and the GE board principle focus over this period of time has been on his $32 million annual salary and bonuses and the Board compensation. Jack Welch, the former CEO was one of the most effective CEO's in the last century.

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon salary has been $81,840 a year since he started. The $1000 I invested in May 2003 at Amazon is now worth $30,763.

Costco Wholesale - A Service Leader 
Costco Wholesale reported its sales for the last fiscal year ending September 30. 2017 net sales were $126.17 billion, an increase of 8.7% from $116.07 in the fiscal year 2016. Net income was $2.68 billion. The $1,000 I invested with them in May 2003 is now worth $6,340.

Costco ended its fiscal year with 741 warehouses. They are a wholesale buying club. Sam's, which is owned by Walmart, is their biggest competitor. Everything at Costco is better. Employees are paid substantially more at Costco. They have 2 people at each check out. Sam's Club has at most 2-3 checkouts open with one person at each checkout. They have more self check outs than those staffed with humans.  My $1000 invested in Walmart in May 2003 is now worth only $1,890. Sam Walton the founder of Walmart built the company around customer service and prices. Today the focus is solely on price.

Too many top executives do not understand the financial impact of driving a service culture. A firm who builds a brand around the customer experience like Amazon and Costco increase the value of the business by 300 - 3,000 percent…a minimum of 25%. I am talking billions of dollars and if not hundred of millions to most companies. This is real money.

Going to Study First Class Service
On Sunday, September 24 over 500 people attended my Service Strategy Seminar in Almaty, Kazakhstan sponsored by Universal Education Group. Anton Sylenko is a brilliant businessman. A bus from Shymkent with 70 people with a sign saying, 'Going to Study First Class Customer Service', spent over 12 hours on the road each way. Awesome. This city has got so many young and passionate entrepreneurs committed to improving service - I was overwhelmed.

Anton has launched Moxie a web based online learning platform that I will be involved with.

Anton is on the left. Josiah Blair our partner in Kazakhstan with Sphere is on the right.

Dauren Butdmirov from Zerde Group funded the seminar for his clients in the pharmaceutical business. These participant own drugs stores throughout Kazakhstan and they all want to improve their customer service.

“The customer experience is based on all the elements above. Become a service leader”. – John Tschohl

What's New With SQI?

SQI's Online Learning Certification - NEW Pricing
We have 14 courses to choose from for our online learning. Building a culture of service excellence within your business requires an individual and coordinated effort from every echelon in the corporate structure from sales associates to quality control, to management.

The Service Quality Institutes’ innovative online certification courses are designed to cultivate a general standard of exemplary service by empowering each employee with the tools needed for consistent success in their daily interactions.

We have 14 online learning courses for you to choose from and if you choose any 14 you receive Certification and a $187 discount. The new pricing is $49 each and only $499 for all 14 and the Certificate. 

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Service First Video Library $199 a month to Train Your Entire Staff
A lot of organizations are reluctant to spend money or time training their entire staff on Customer Service. I suggest you invest in the Service First Video Library. It is a series of 12 DVD’s of about 15 minutes each. NO recurring costs because you download off the Internet the PowerPoint presentation, leader guide, discussion guides, answer sheets and Certificates.

All training sessions can easily be done in 60 minutes and you can go in any order. If you have a new employee they can take videos home or watch at the office. To create this program we are using material from all of our programs which we have invested millions of dollars developing. English and Spanish are on the same DVD’s. A flash drive is also available.

For $199 a month for 10 months you can develop everyone in your company. The entire program is shipped with the first payment. A onetime purchase is $1,697. Free shipping in the US and Canada. We have an unlimited money back guarantee. That means you can train your entire staff and if for any reason you are unhappy you can return the 12 sessions DVD set and get all your money back. We have never had a return.

For more details visit our website

Certification Seminars
Click here to order. Please give me a reply with any questions or thoughts on the upcoming seminars.


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