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September 2017

Service Recovery
Every organization almost every day makes mistakes. It is how you respond to them that separates the service leaders from the also rans. All this has to happen fast. You have two choices when you make a mistake;

  1. Say goodbye to the customer or hope you have such an economic hold they do not want to leave you.
  2. Keep the customer and get them to be more loyal. 
Blaming your customer or telling them they are wrong is like pouring gasoline on a fire. The outcome is not good. 

It is my experience that only 2% of your customers will abuse the system but, if you learn to trust all customers, you stand to make a fortune from the 98% that are honest.  That’s more than enough profit to cover the few dishonest ones. 

Amazon and Costco are two examples of firms that benefit with increased brand loyalty and financial gains. And it’s all from trusting their customers.

“You are the most important factor in your own development. If you’re determined to learn from whatever feedback you get, no one can stop you.”

- John Tschohl

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I recently flew Delta to Lima, Peru, on a Saturday and was filming 13 videos on Sunday.

The flight left Minneapolis an hour late and when it arrived in Atlanta, not one employee at the jet way was available, so the passengers and luggage couldn't be unloaded. We lost a ton of time and although I was able to get to my connecting flight just minutes before the doors closed. I am still not sure how many people missed their flights.

To see what their service recovery did, or what they "lacked" is unbelievable. Read my latest blog Tips for Providing Quality Service Recovery to see how they "recovered" and learn how you can strengthen your own service recovery strategy!

What's New With SQI?

SQI's Online Learning Certification - NEW Pricing
We have 14 courses to choose from for our online learning. Building a culture of service excellence within your business requires an individual and coordinated effort from every echelon in the corporate structure from sales associates to quality control, to management.

The Service Quality Institutes’ innovative online certification courses are designed to cultivate a general standard of exemplary service by empowering each employee with the tools needed for consistent success in their daily interactions.

We have 14 online learning courses for you to choose from and if you choose any 14 you receive Certification and a $187 discount. The new pricing is $49 each and only $499 for all 14 and the Certificate. 

Learn more about SQI's Online Learning Certification here, or visit Service Quality Online to start your online training today.

Channel Partners Wanted Across the World - FREE Service Video Library for Referral
SQI is looking for a few companies or individuals who would like to represent our products in their marketplace. We need those with passion who want to help other companies become service leaders. An investment for inventory is required. In Ethiopia we have Ethiopian Airlines representing SQI. They are both a client and channel partner.

During September and October anyone that you refer to SQI that signs up, we will give you a FREE Service First Video Library. Value $1,997

If interested or have a referral somewhere in the world contact:

Pat Porras SR VP US/Canada Pat@servicequality.com Cell 201-803-7958

Murtaza Versi, VP Africa Murtaza@servicequality.com Cell +255-786-142-424

Carmen Velasco EVP Latin America Carmen@servicequality.com Cell 1-619-862-7694

Marina Lukyantseva VP Russia/CIS Marina@servicequality.com Cell 1-408-637-8730

Margaret White VP Caribbean Margaret@servicequality.com +86-847-98501


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