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June 2016
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How Do You Create a Service Culture? 

Disney excels at customer service, and the reason is that the company looks at everything through the eyes of the customer.  At each step of the customer’s experience, ask what you are doing to the customer.  Then, for each step, ask yourself what mediocre service looks like and what would excellent service look like.

Creating a service culture means several things:

1. Top management must value customers and employees. I am not talking about the baloney in the annual report. It must be driven strategically. You must be willing to invest in developing high performing employees.

2. Make it easy for customers to do business with you. In the U.S., most firms use IVR so they do not need to talk to customers. Many outsource their call center to India. You need a live person to answer the call with a live person in 1 or 2 rings 24/7. Too many organizations are more focused on cutting costs than keeping customers.

3. All employees must be trained with a new customer service program every 4 months. Must be different and new. Get over the idea that there is a magic program that will change employee behaviors and attitudes for life. For example, Progressive Insurance creates new commercials every month.  The most expensive part of advertising is the TV time. The most expensive part of training your staff is labor time. Whatever tools you use must be really good. I believe very few organizations care about results.

4. Follow service leaders like Amazon and Metro Bank London. Go to their websites and sign up under Investor Relations for the daily and weekly press releases. Jeff Bezos and Vernon Hill are light years ahead of almost all CEO's in the world.

5. Master empowerment. Enable every employee to make fast empowered decisions in favor of the customer. Too many weird things happen every day. Teach principles and empower your employees.

According to Brad Cleveland, Co-Founder and Senior Adviser of the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI), in a recent Gallup poll found that when both customers and employees are engaged, companies see a 240 percent increase in performance-related outcomes, which goes to show that customer service “really matters”. 

October 13-14 Worldwide Customer Service Conference

On October 13-14, we will have service leaders from across the world in a 2-day Worldwide Customer Service Conference. If you want to learn how to drive a service culture, this is your opportunity.This is a huge opportunity to learn from service leaders across the world like the Mayo Clinic, Techndoom in Kazakhstan who is increasing sales faster per sq ft then Best Buy, Banco Promerica from El Salvador in Central America with incredible growth. Agenda is here.

On Saturday, October 15, we will have an exclusive seminar just for Channel Partners and those interested in being a business partner with SQI. Agenda is here

Registration is $997 with an early bird registration of $799 until June 30. The Conference will be at the Radisson Blu with special SQI rates of $162 night. Registration, as well as more information, can be found here

Certification Seminars in Nigeria in November 

We have two Certification Seminars Service Quality Institute is holding in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria in November. The investment is $1997 for Certified Customer Service Trainer (CCST) or 391,000 Naira and $998 for Certified Customer Service Leader (CCSL) or 191,000 Naira. If in Nigeria all payments will be paid in Naira to Nigerian bank accounts of SQI Channel partners.

November 7-10 Lagos Nigeria
November 14-17 Abuja, Nigeria.

If interested contact one of our channel partners in Nigeria or Kim Moon at SQI: kim@servicequality.com  Phone 1-952-884-3311

The brochure is here

USB Flash Drives MP4’s New Delivery Technology

Effective July SQI will have transferred all DVDs to MP4s onto USB Flash Drives:

Each series will be on a Flash Drive; English and Spanish separate Flash Drives, and the Service First Video Library will have both English & Spanish on 1 Flash Drive.

Customers can choose to have the program shipped with DVD's, a single USB Flash Drive MP4 or a combination. For example, if we have an order for 10 Facilitator kits a client can choose any combination.

(In January 1980 we started with 3 audio cassettes. We then moved to filmstrips and slides, then to video slide transfer, then to video. From there we moved to CD's and DVD's).

Healthcare With Feelings New Updated July Release Date

Creating the Ultimate Patient Experience

We have spent the last 9 months upgrading our two Feelings healthcare programs, The Essence of Caring and The Spirit of Excellence into a totally new healthcare program called, Healthcare With Feelings: Creating the Ultimate Patient ExperienceWe will eliminate the two older programs from our inventory in July as we release the new program.

You can look at the images and samples for the Video, Leader Guide, Participant book and the 3 DVD’s here.

The 3-session program is implemented in 3 sessions of 2-3 hours each spaced one week apart. In developing countries this can be 3-4 hours

This is a 3-session program designed to be implemented in 3 sessions of 2-3 hours each (3-4 hours in developing countries) There are over 80 minutes of video, a user-friendly leader guide, and a participant kit. The program for English should be ready by the first part of July and in Spanish the first part of September. Design and translations are in process. The video, leader guide and participant kit are all approved. Now they are in design and translations.

The brochure is here

The facilitator kit with 3 DVD's and leader guide is $1,199 retail.
Participant kits are $21 each at retail.

Special pricing below: The investment is $1,274 for an Introductory Start-Up Special with a leader guide, 3 DVDs with over 80 minutes of video and 25 participant kits set for 25% off the normal $1,699 price. This discounted price is good through August 31 for English.

We guarantee the quality. If for any reason you are unhappy with the quality, return the product and SQI will refund the investment. All SQI products have a money back guarantee with NO time frame. That means if you purchased 500 participant kits and the employees did not like it you can return the product and get all your money back.

Books To Read Challenge

Each month, I will continue to list up to 3 books I have read and would suggest everyone would benefit from reading. Join me and read at least one book a month to enhance your skills. I find it very fulfilling and would love to hear which books you would suggest for not only me but all of our readers/partners.

  • How Google Works by Eric Schmidt, Exec. Chairman, Google: A must read book.
  • Behind the Cloud by Marc Benioff, CEO, Salesforce.com: One of the most successful CEOs in the world.
  • Empowerment: A Way of Life by John Tschohl:  Learn how to use empowerment.

Personal note: Chess with 6-year-old Grandson in China  (Grandpa Lost)

Kids these days are so talented and so tech-savvy.  I knew that but, was once again put in my place by my 6-year-old grandson. My daughter and her family live in China. Christina and her husband Luke have 3 little boys who all speak Chinese. 

We talk with each other at least once a week via skype and facetime and play games.  Our last communication took place just the other day and my 6-year-old grandson, William, had a new app called Chess Time.  Well, of course, Grandpa wanted to play.  We played for about 45 minutes and the bad news is I lost. I was beaten by a six-year-old.  I told him not to tell anyone but that got him even more excited.  So, needless to say, grandpa is brushing up on chess and will be ready the next time but, I’m sure he will be too! 

 Scorecard: Grandpa “0”, William “1”. 


John Tschohl
Service Quality Institute
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55420
Office 952-884-3311
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John Tschohl
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Office 952-884-3311
Cell 612-382-5636 
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