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December 2015
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The Customer Experience Around the World

China Driving a Service Culture

I recently spent 10 days in China presenting Service Strategy Seminars and helping our licensee Shanghai Foreign Service, expand our business in China. They are able to offer one-stop solutions for investment and development. Their professional service team, great government relationship and sound quality management system effectively guarantees service quality and future business success. They have over 1.2 million employees and almost all Fortune 500 companies use them.  www.EFESCO.com.  And English http://en.efesco.com 

Over the last 10 years we have numerous banks using our programs. Now all SQI programs are in Chinese and Shanghai Foreign Service is aggressively recruiting channel partners all over China to expand our brand.  There are 250 cities with over 2 million in population.

On November 24th I did a public seminar for over 600 people in Wuhan China for Shanghai Foreign Service. 

The Bank of Communications is our longest serving customer in China. This is the 5th largest bank in China.  You can download the presentation used at the Awards Banquet in Shanghai on November 27th > Here
(This download may take a moment or two as the file is large)

Kazakhstan Driving a Service Culture

I have been to Kazakhstan 4 times in 2015. We have leading banks and retailers in the country that have had significant success with our 3-year service culture plan. 

Technodom the largest retailer in Kazakhstan has had very significant success with market share, sales and reduced employee turnover. Eduard Kim is the founder and Chairman of the Board.  The most customer focused CEO in the country. Technodom has 61 stores in 26 cities in Kazakhstan. It is similar to Best Buy in the US and M Video in Russia. Eduard and Technodom are walking the talk on the service strategy. They have implemented 7 of our Russian programs over the last 2 1/2 years.

Eduard Kim is a visionary and his firm is the first firm in CIS and Russia to use our 3 year service culture plan.  Very few CEO’s understand the power of the Service Strategy. Role models like Jeff Bezos at Amazon, Vernon Hill at Metro Bank in London, and Eduard Kim of Technodom are very few.

These are some of the results:

  1. Market share has increased to 31%
  2. Total Revenue is down 3% with the devaluation of the currency most firms are down 15-20%
  3. Store clients have increased from 12.7 million to 15.1 million since we started working with them
  4. They now have 183,659 Social Media Subscribers
  5. Employee turnover has been reduced from 84% to 40.6%
  6. Shrinkage/Theft has been reduced from .03% to .023%
  7. Average store sales are 16.36% higher than their main competitor
  8. Number of registered loyalty cards has increased from 200,000 in 2013 to 1.5 million
  9. Repeat purchases has increased from 12.1% in 2013 when we started to 38.6%
  10. NPS is 83%
  11. Market share is 31% vs 14% for M Video in Russia and 17% for Best Buy in US
  12. Sales per 1 square meter is  higher than M Video and Best Buy

You can download the presentation Eduard Kim gave on December 5 in Kazakhstan for ATF Bank > Here The details are in this presentation.

You can have the same impact if you are willing to drive a service culture and use our 3-year service culture plan.

Worldwide Customer Service Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota October 13th-14th, 2016

Announcing our 2-day Worldwide Customer Service Conference October 13th-14th, 2016 in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the Radisson Blu (attached to the Mall of America). Leading Edge Service Leaders from all over the world will be sharing their success strategies during the Conference. If you want to learn from role models this is a must attend conference.

Download the Brochure Here

Registration is $997 with an early bird registration fee of $697. We will shortly have the agenda and marketing information more complete. Put the dates on your calendar now. If you need a Visa invitation please let us know.

April Customer Service Certification Seminar in Minneapolis

April 11th-14th, 2016 we have our Customer Service Certification Seminar in Minneapolis.

If you want to build your credentials and help your organization drive a service culture the Certification Seminar will be very valuable.

Certified Customer Service Leader (CCSL) 3 days April 11th-13th, $997 You will go through a 2 hour service strategy seminar with John Tschohl and Feelings our flagship customer service program that millions of people have used over the last 35 years. In addition you will go through our leadership program, Leading Empowered Teams on April 12th and 13th, which helps you understand what you have to change to be more customer driven, empowerment, coaching and teamwork.

Certified Customer Service Trainer (CCST) is 4 days. On April 14th we have a one-day train-the-trainer where we Certify you to be able to facilitate Feelings and Leading Empowered Teams and we give you $1700 in facilitator material. The investment is only $1,997.

Have a Happy Holiday and let us work with you to help you grow your business and crush your competition in 2016.  Let’s make it a Very Good Year… for you.

John Tschohl
Service Quality Institute
9201 E. Bloomington Freeway
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55420 USA
Office 952-884-3311
Cell 612-382-5636

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John Tschohl, President Service Quality Institute

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