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August 2015
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"Amazing" Results - Metro Bank 5th Anniversary July 29, 2015



This is the 5th anniversary of Metro Bank in London. The results after 5 years are incredible, proving that customer service is worth its weight in gold in every country in the world.

Click here to read more about how Metro Bank is built around customer service.

Build and Advance your Career with SQI's Certified Customer Service Certification Seminars September 14-17, 2015

undefinedIn 1980, John Tschohl launched the world’s first customer service program called Feelings. Millions of people in every corner of the world have gone through Feelings. And, since 1980 it has been ungraded over 15 times.

Service Quality Institute has its next Certified Customer Service trainer, CCST (September 14-17) Certified Customer Service Leader, CCSL (September 14-16) Certification Seminars in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

CCST is a 4 day Certification Seminar. The first day John Tschohl provides a 2 hour Service Strategy seminar. We then facilitate Feelings. The next two days are Leading Empowered Teams which is our leadership program that teaches you how to remove stupid rules and policies that prohibit great service. This program teaches employee empowerment, coaching and teamwork. The last day for CCST is September 17 where we teach how to facilitate both programs. Upon completion you are licensed to buy the product at a 80% discount off the Certification fees. The investment for the 4 day CCST seminar is $1,997 and the 3 day seminar CCSL is $998.

If you want to advance your career, make yourself more valuable and help your organization drive a service culture this is a unique opportunity. If you need an invitation letter for a Visa this can be provided.

Create a Service Culture

September is a month lots of people want to launch building a high performance customer driven workforce. SQI invests hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in creating new leading edge customer service programs.

One shot programs create one shot results. Organizations can buy individual programs and they can use our 3 year service culture plan. If you would like a channel partner to meet with you please contact SQI.

We have 3 new programs in English and Spanish:

  1. Coaching for Success for managers, supervisors and leaders. How to motivate employees for greater performance and terminate non performing employees when there is no change. http://store.customer-service.com/index.php/programs-for-managers.html
  2. Handling Irate Customers Very few employees are skilled at handling difficult and irate customers. NOT all customers are nice. This can ruin an employee’s day and increase employee turnover and if poorly handled, lose customers. http://store.customer-service.com/index.php/programs-for-employees/handling-irate-customers-overview.html
  3. Moving Up is for the total workforce. The focus is to help employees remove self-imposed limitations and become more indispensable and extraordinary. Visualize a workforce of high performers. http://store.customer-service.com/index.php/programs-for-employees/moving-up.html

Carmen Velasco, Vice President of Latin America, part of our Leadership Team


Carmen has been on SQI's staff since 2003. She started when she was 21 years old. Carmen is amazing. Very professional. She is an awesome asset to SQI and all of our Latin America clients. She remains hungry and driven to grow and discover new ways to enhance the customer experience.

Everyone loves Carmen. She lives in San Diego California with her two children Sarah Victoria and Daniel. Her husband, Sergio is serving our country in the US Navy.

Carmen is fluent in Spanish and manages all the Spanish production and translation of products.

Passionate About Customer Service - Channel Partners Needed Across the World including the US

The primary method SQI uses to penetrate the market is through Channel Partners. We call them Licensees (For non-English, Spanish markets), Distributors, Consultants and Representatives. There is a modest investment required for inventory and Certification.

If you want to represent SQI, expand your income and help organizations create a customer service culture view http://www.customer-service.com/partners/become-a-partner


John Tschohl
Service Quality Institute
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55420
Office 952-884-3311
Cell 612-382-5636

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»"Amazing" Results - Metro Bank 5th Anniversary July 29, 2015
»SQI's Certified Customer Service Certification Seminars Septmeber 14-17, 2015
»Create A Service Culture
»Carmen Velasco, Vice President of Latin America
»Channel Partners Needed Across the World including the US

John Tschohl, President Service Quality Institute

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Certification Seminars:

September 14, 2015 Minneapolis, MN - Feelings (Certification)
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September 14-16, 2015 MInneapolis, MN - Certified Customer Service Leader (CCSL)
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September 14-17, 2015 Minneapolis, MN - Certified Customer Service Trainer (CCST)
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September 16-17, 2015 Minneapolis, MN - Leading Empowered Teams (Certification)
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