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July 2015
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The Customer Experience


undefinedHow easy is it for your customers to do business with your firm? I have a Mieta Mazado that I drive during the summer. Recently, the battery died and I called Batteries Plus in Bloomington. They gave me a good price on a battery but they wanted $25 to install the battery. Being frugal I asked if they could lend me a wrench so I could remove the 4 bolts myself. He asked his supervisor (the employee was not empowered) who was told they could not because this was a safety issue and they could be sued. (Really stupid)

My son advised me to go to AutoZone which was about 5 blocks fromBatteries Plus and only 3 blocks from my office. I paid a little more but they took care of installation. It took Jeff Aylward, parts manager, at AutoZone about 6 minutes to install the new battery. The photo was with Mario Vieira, our new VP of Sales who was in Minnesota. Jeff was awesome. Super speed. Very nice. Very good. www.autoZone.com

Lessons to be Learned:

  1. Train all employees on customer service. Batteries Plus employees did not know they were in customer service.
  2. Eliminate dumb rules and policies (can’t borrow you a wrench)
  3. Master empowerment. AutoZone has great service, no dumb rules and empowered employees.

New Vice President Sales
Mario Vieria

undefinedMario Vieira has been selected as our new VP Sales. Mario has been a very successful Consultant with SQI in Aruba for 2 1/2 years and has personally facilitated most of our programs.

He is assigned to develop, coach our current channel partners and recruit new channel partners in order to improve our business practices to ensure continuous growth for our organization.

Mario Vieira brings to us a lot experience in International Sales & Marketing, training, coaching and servicing. Mario has a Master of Business Degree in Business with a major in International Business. He speaks 5 languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and Papia-mento.

Mario's email is Mario@servicequality.com. His cell phone in Aruba is 297-736-1000. He will be moving to Minneapolis once he sells his house in Aruba. His Facebook address is https://www.facebook.com/mvieira.aruba His Linkedin address is https://www.linkedin.com/pub/mario-vieira/0/9b2/a75

Margie Curtis SQI Minneapolis Office

undefinedMargie has joined our team in Minnesota to help us with customers in Minnesota and Canada. Margie was the owner of Salon Jordan and a full time model and fashion stylist. She excels at presentations and always takes the customer’s needs to heart.

Margie is helping with training and faciliation for the SQI programs.

September Certification Seminars

If you want to advance your career and attend our Customer Service Certification Seminars this is the last Certification seminar we have in 2015. If you want to be Certified to implement/faciliate our two flagship programs, Leading Empowered Teams and Feelings sign up now for the CCST (Certified Customer Service Trainer)

Coaching for Success in Spanish and English - FREE SHIPPING

We now have Coaching for Success available in Spanish. We have had English for several months. This is a one day seminar that will teach every manager and supervisor how to motivate and manage employees. About 25% focuses on firng non productive employees which most organizations are reluctant to do. Employees want to feel needed, want to feel like they belong and are valued.

You can view all components of the program including video on our web site http://store.customer-service.com/index.php/programs-for-managers.html in Spanish and English We have FREE SHIPPING through August 31. The facilitator kit with 2 DVD's is $1199. The 4 color participant kits are $95 each. SQI channel partners can facilitate the program for you for only $200 a person minimum of 20 participants. The brochure link is on the web site for both languages.

John Tschohl Service Strategy Seminars

John is scheduled for seminars in El Salvador, Peru, Honduras, Dubai, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Russia For more details visit www.JohnTschohl.com

Many organizations use me for keynote seminars and 1-3 day seminars for their top leadership team. I have the gift of being able to get your entire leadership team to buy into the service strategy. I talk about the Customer Experience, Speed, Empowerment, Service Recovery and How to Coach for Success. Each presentation is customized for the client.

If you are interested in booking me for a service strategy seminar contact:

Carmen Velasco - Latin America - Carmen@servicequality.com
Marina Lukyantseva - Russia & CIS - Marina@servicequality.com
Brook Brown - US & Rest of World - BrookBrown2@aol.com

Contact us if you have any questions that we can answer regarding the needs for your people and your company.

We’re excited about our growing and our new people.


John Tschohl
Service Quality Institute
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55420
Office 952-884-3311
Cell 612-382-5636

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John Tschohl, President Service Quality Institute

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