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May 2015
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Costco vs. Sam’s Club, who has the edge?


So many articles have been written on shopping at a warehouse or wholesale club like Sam’s Club and Costco. An article I recently read was written in 2012 and it asked why in the world would anyone shop at a place where they never advertise, have no signs in its aisles, don’t bag what you purchase and charges you a fee just to walk in the door?

How do they do it? Click here to read the blog post

Customer Service Survey and NET (Net Promoter Score)

Every firm seems to be doing some type of customer service survey. It is becoming over kill. I can see every 5th call but NOT every transaction. I fly a lot. Delta airlines who has never spent much money on training their staff to deliver great customer service, loves surveys. I am a Platinum flyer, one of the highest users of Delta. Too much time on EVERY call is spent asking if I want to do a survey when the call is over. I always say “no” and then.... they email me a survey to complete.

I believe it is overkill. Customers are getting tired and annoyed with the survey request. Not smart to irate your customer with a survey on every transaction. Most firms manipulate the results and questions. Yes I know the NPS has just one simple question. Would you recommend us to a friend?

Years ago Target had a survey and the results were so bad they just changed the survey and no longer had any problems. I recently needed a replacement bag for an outside leaf blower called Worx. Their web site like most firms talks about the incredible focus on customer service. It takes them 2-3 days to respond to emails. They do not have enough people answering the phone. I hate 30 minute hold times (especially when they talk about their customer service focus). Their survey questions were really not related to my concerns. The product is great but the problem is when you need customer service. It took me 6 days to get a replacement bag, that’s way too many emails and phone calls.


Comcast $45 Billion acquisition of competitor Time Warner Denied

The FCC turned down the merger because Comcast would have too big of a market share. I think the real reason is because Comcast has NO brand equity. They have the worst customer service scores in the US. “Comcast is one of the worst and most consumer-hostile corporations on the planet,” stated a customer from Oakton, VA.

They spent over $22 million on political contributions to leverage their support with Congress. The money for the first time did not work. In 1980 one of my first customers was Northwestern Bell Telephone. They had a Telsam survey which measured customer satisfaction. We made a huge impact.

Large companies who fail to understand the power of great service will have the same problems Comcast had. I am not sure top management understands how negative an image they have with consumers.

According to The Free Press, this failed attempt to monopolize Internet access should put Comcast, AT&T, Verizon and other industry giants on notice. Rather than spending millions to eliminate their competition, these companies should build better networks and improve their services.

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»Customer Service Performance Standards Available Electronically

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