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March 2015
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Making a World of Difference for 25 years... Northeast Delta Dental


One of the things that I love about Northeast Delta Dental is that they are a values-driven company.  They statetom raffio image in their description of their company that they successfully balance profitability and community involvement.  They make sure that they encourage children and adults alike to practice good oral health habits with contests and donations to programs that benefit everyone.

Read on and find out how Northeast Delta Dental is making a world of difference

Technodom - The Service Leader in Kazakhstan

Technodom is the largest retailer in Kazakhstan. Eduard Kim is the founder and Chairman of the Board. They have 59 stores and are in 26 cities. Technodom is similar to Best Buy with 4,208 employees. The average age is 28 years.

They are the first firm in Kazakhstan, CIS and Russia to use our 3 year service culture plan. It was launched in March 2013.

  • Their sales grew faster per square foot than Best Buy and M-Video in Russia.
  • Employee turnover was reduced from 91.7% when we started to 57.2%.
  • This is down 34.5% for a 62.4 reduction.. 

Eduard Kim and Larissa Yermoshkina said this is not a short term program. It takes 3 years. Larissa now manages Sphere the licensee for Service Quality Institute. spherekz@gmail.com  www.sphere-hr.com

Larissa was in charge of HR for Technodom and was astonished with the results achieved in just 6 months. She said “We are sending poor performers to the competition. Eduard expects outstanding performance. Our most important investment is in our people. We invest in our people just like we invest in our children and family. We treat employees as family.”

Technodom has used Leading Empowered Teams, Feelings, Empowerment: A Way of Life, Remember Me, BAD Cost Reduction Campaign and have just launched Speed. Eduard Kim said, “If we sell more, our competitors sell less.

His objective in 2015 is the increase market share by 50%. Eduard understands the service strategy. He has one of the most successful companies in Kazakhstan and has greater vision than almost all CEO’s I have worked with. Kim understands the power of the service strategy.

If you call their call center today it is answered with humans in about 1 ring. Not too many American firms could do this. With 1.8 million holders of loyalty cards delivering incredible service with speed is now part of their culture. This is a former Soviet country with a legacy of no speed and no customer service. Technodom is paving the way for other firms to follow. They are following in the footsteps of Amazon, Metro Bank and Apple.

Special Pricing on Coaching for Success

Coaching for Success has special pricing through April 30th. The Facilitator kit is $1,199; participant kits are $95 each.  The start up special for 15 participant people is discounted to $2,500.  We will throw in 10 extra participant kits worth $950 FREE with your first order. If you prefer our channel partners to facilitate the program for you it is only $200 a person. All of our products have a money back guarantee with no time limit. This means you can train your managers with Coaching for Success and if for any reason at any time you are unhappy with the results just return the material for a complete refund. In 45 years we have had 2 refunds totalling less than $800.

This is a one-day seminar for managers and supervisors. SQI channel partners can help you facilitate the program or you can buy the user-friendly leader guide and 2 DVD's and implement yourself. Click here for the brochure.  Visit our web site to see a segment of the leader guide, video, participant manual, technique card, certificate of accomplishment and performance standard. http://store.customer-service.com/index.php/programs-for-managers/coaching-for-success-overview.html

Employees are driven by recognition. They want to feel valued and loved. A paycheck just gets them to come to work. If you want high performing employees all managers and supervisors need to learn how to coach and when the person does not respond terminate. I believe that many organizations have at least 10% of their employees who are not effective, have mentally died on the job and are creating cancer in your organization. When the skills we teach in Coaching for Success do not work its time to help the employee find another job.

You will love the program. The video is exceptional. The scripting and talent was outstanding. The packing is always a "10" from SQI. The participant manual is 8 1/2" x 11" perfect bound 4-color manual. The Instructional Design is exceptional. We develop programs to change behaviors and attitudes and teach the skills so critical to success. The basics are always hard to master. We excel at teaching fundamentals. I personally do a lot of snow skiing. Last month I asked a close friend and elite skier to watch my skiing and give me suggestions on how to improve. He did but it is NOT easy to master the fundamentals he shared with me. Very hard to implement what you know. Review the Instructional Design brochure here.

Customer Service Performance Standards Available Electronically - The Software is free.

THIS IS READY FOR IMPLEMENTATION. ALL CUSTOMERS WHO WANT TO be sure of the results of our programs can use this free software. If an employee goes  through any programs of SQI the software can be used to identify their customer service performance based on BEHAVIOR AND ATTITUDES. It focuses on the skills we teach in the program they went through. The software will track their participation with each program and measure their performance over each program. The software can be installed on your computers or you can use SQI's.

Companies spend a lot of money on surveys and mystery shops. We are focusing on the leading edge skills and behavior we are teaching in the programs clients use.

Seeking Channel Partners - Passionate About Customer Service

We are adding new channel partners across the world to help us expand our markets and help organizations create a service culture. If you or anyone you know is passionate about customer service, wants to help organizations implement great service and has the capital to get into business for themselves, come join our team.

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