it takes 2 miracles at one time!
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April 2017

The most difficult skill to get almost any employees to use is Empowerment. Trying to get an employee to make a fast, empowered, decision in favor of a customer takes two miracles at one time. Regardless of how committed the CEO is, it is almost impossible to get your employees to spend even $5 without asking their supervisor or manager for permission....



New John Tschohl Speaking Site

We have upgraded my speaking site. Take a minute and visit the new design.

My schedule for the year is filling up. This month I will be in Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. Coming months I will be in Indonesia, Washington, Costa Rica, Peru, Bolivia, Dubai and Iran

If interested in booking John Tschohl for an in-house service strategy keynote or seminar contact Brook Brown: Cell 952-232-9932


United Airlines Customer Service Chaos 

Facebook comments. Employees who feel they have control over decisions made in the workplace tend to work harder and longer to achieve the company’s strategic goals.  It allows employees to take ownership of issues and find solutions. 
United Airlines on April 10 demonstrated why empowerment is so critical. Remember my definition. "Make a decision on the spot in favor of the customer." The most important people in any company are the employees. By the time your view this video over 10 million people will most likely have seen this episode. In less than a few hours 3.8 million people viewed United Airlines hauling a 69-year-old doctor (with a paid ticket) of the plan to make room for 4 United Airline employees.
NO employees understood the service strategy, no empowerment. Frankly, it can get much worse. There are many links on the Internet.
This is just one of them
You need to use a lot of recognition and celebration. If you have a monthly newsletter feature a great example of empowerment. The more outrageous the recognition, the better so kick it up a notch.  A simple “thank you” counts but you can also make it as elaborate as your imagination can conceive.
“Empowerment for the employee pays off at the bottom line.”


“Advance your career with credentials recognized by organizations everywhere”.

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Train Your Entire Workforce In Only 12 Sessions!

We have just upgraded the Service First Video Library with a 2017 Copyright. 

It is available in English and Spanish. Russian and Chinese have not been upgraded yet. There is NO charge for employee turnover. SQI gives you permission to print as many of the online printed segments above as you would like. This does NOT include the DVDs. It is also available on a flash drive.

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