Handling Irate Customers & Difficult Situations

Angry CustomerIrate customers can ruin your day. Facing off with a screaming, unreasonable, irrational customer represents the ultimate test of any employee's service skills. Often employees are not prepared for an aggressive encounter.It can take you to your breaking point if you are not aware and careful. Staying grounded and above the fray requires you to find inner strength, and persevere beyond the initial difficulties.

Create Loyal Customers with Service Recovery

John Tschohl on Service Recovery

It is no secret that when you are working in the customer service industry, bad things happen. We make mistakes. To just say, "I'm sorry," is good customer service. Service recovery is when you go a step further. John Tschohl teaches four steps in the "Loyal for Life" program. Read on to learn this steps to start cultivating customers that will be loyal to your company for life.

We've Got Friends in High Places

Ethiopian AirlinesEthiopian Airlines has decided to expand its business and also represent SQI in Ethiopia. The airline is government owned and the most respected, best managed business in Ethiopia and customer driven airline in the country. They want to be the friendliest airline in Africa. Find out what they have done to improve customer service and create a service culture.

Improve Customer Service Now

Improve Customer ServiceOrganizations have weak customer service because they don't understand the revenue that can be gained by implementing a superior service strategy. John Tschohl, President of the Service Quality Institute, discusses strategy and how companies will see money fall from the sky if they put more effort into creating an excellent customer service experience.

Are you running like an Olympic athlete or just strolling around the block?

Would you enter the Olympics if you knew that only a little over 2% (2.785714%) of the Olympians would walk out of Sochi with a gold medal?  The Olympic athletes typically practice for 3-4 years, 6 days a week for 7 hours a day. The training is on the basics and for a 1-2 minute event. And as is often the case, in the competitive atmosphere the people who were supposed to win did not.

Start thinking like an Olympic athlete and be the best you can be. Take home the gold with superior customer service. Grow market share by being the best.


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The Foundation of Customer Service
Every one of these tenets is an essential part of high quality customer service. Can your company afford to lose business by missing even one of these basic traits? what's your return on service?


Bad customer service loses money.
Find out how much money your company has lost due to its poor customer service practices with our "Return On Service" calculator.  what's your return on service?