Service Recovery - Handling the Screw Up

Part of being a successful business owner is knowing how to handle sticky situations, especially when you’re at fault. Handling mishaps and mistakes gracefully doesn’t always come naturally, but in order to protect your livelihood, you must control your reactions, use well-placed publicity, and train your staff properly to recover in the event of any hiccup. There are a few simple steps to bouncing back after a snafu, and John Tschohl outlines them here in another of his expert customer service training essays.

Knowing what to do when even the slightest problem arises can mean the difference between losing your customers to a competitor, and even whether or not your company survives the fallout. Know how to reach out to your clientele, apologize, and make right any wrongdoing, and it will pay off in the end. Customer service personnel throughout your company should know how to make quick decisions to satisfy customer concerns and put to rest any question of your integrity as a brand.  

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