Published Customer Service Articles

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2015 Customer Service Articles

Move Lost Customers Into the Profit Zone
Retail Observer

6 Principles of Customer Service
Multi-Unit Franchisee

Skillfull Complaining (Motivating)
The Retail Observer

When the Going Gets Tough (PDF)
Call Center Times

The Importance of the "Little Things" (PDF)
Agency Sales

Customer Experience Can Be Worth Millions In Annual Revenue (PDF)
Call Center Times

Coaching For Success = More Profit (PDF)
Call Center Times

Focus, Focus, Focus (PDF)
The Retail Observer

The Meaning of Life and Customer Service (PDF)
Excellence Reporter

Learning From the Good and the Bad Organizations (PDF)
Agency Sales

Good Value Makes Good Business Sense (PDF)
Call Center Times

Take the Proactive Approach to Service - and Build Your Profits (PDF)
Retail Observer

How Do They Do It... Year After Year? (PDF)
Biz India

Focus, Focus, Focus (PDF)
Agency Sales

Forbes Ukraine

Сервисное поле битвы казахстанских банков (PDF)
Forbes Kazahstan

Who Does Your Customer Think You Are? (PDF)
The Retail Observer

Make Every Week Customer Service Week (PDF)
Call Center Times

Service Recovery... Handling the Screw-up (PDF)
The Retail Observer

The Battle For Customers (PDF)
Call Center Times

Becoming A Brand Your Customers Fall In Love With (PDF)
The Retail Observer

The Importance of "The Little Things" (PDF)
Call Center Times

The Importance of “The Little Things” (PDF)

Complaining Customers Are The Best Motivators (PDF)
The Wise Marketer

Move Customers Into The Profit Zone (PDF)
Call Center Times

Focus, Focus, Focus (PDF)
Call Center Times

Джон Шоул: Приговор казахстанскому сервису (Russian)
Forbes Kazakhstan

Effective Leadership vs. Management
The Retail Observer

Focus, Focus, Focus
Call Center Times

Being Proactive -- Internally Customer Driven
Call Center Times

What's Your Definition of Service?
The Retail Observer

LS Kazakhstan with John Tschohl (Russian) 

Refuse To Be A Bystander-Take Action And Move Up
The Retail Observer

Service Recovery...Handling the Screw-Up
Call Center Times

Run Circles Around Your Competition in 2015
Call Center Times


2014 Customer Service Articles


How Can Employees Handle Irate Customers?
Good Morning Vail Speaks with John Tschohl

Effective Leadership vs. Management
Call Center Times 

Retailers Cater To Holiday Shoppers, Deliver Top Service

Retail Observer

Black Friday and Your Employees
Small Business Opportunities

Effective Leadership Vs Management
A Sharpe Outlook

The Gift That Keeps On Giving
Retail Observer

Effective Leadership Vs Management

Editorial - John Tschohl

Still Leading the Way
Retail Observer

Breaking the Golden Rule
Small Biz Resources

Service...It Consistently Pays
Sales and Service Excellence

Breaking the Golden Rule
Call Center Times

Brilliant and Efficient - The Art of Outsourcing
Small Biz Resources

Bending The Rules
Retail Observer

Service...It Consistently Pays
Call Center Times

Servicio al cliente, camino al exito
La Nacion

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...
Retail Observer

Bending the Rules
Sales Service Excellence Essentials

Creating a Service Culture 
Talk Zone Radio

Bending the Rules
Global Post Weekly & 4Hoteliers

Deal With an Irate Customer
Global Post Weekly

America's "Guru of Customer Service" heads to Nairobi to conduct travel seminar 
eTN Global Travel Industry News

How to Deal with Irate Customers
Customer Service Manager

Mirror Mirror on the Wall...
Call Center Times

Get customer care right if you want stable economy -- expert (PDF)

John Tschohl on TV in Botswana June 2, 2014 - BTV

Vail Resorts: The Ultimate Customer Service Experience 
(download) Retail Observer

Vail Resorts: The Ultimate Customer Service Experience 
(download) Call Center Times

7-Eleven CEO Stresses Customer Service

12 Reasons Why Employee Training Fails"

Vera Likhacheva and John Tschohl
Odessa Ukraine (Russian)

How to Take a Customer from Hell to Heaven in 60 Seconds Or Less 
(appeared in 251 publications)

Vail Resorts: The Ultimate Customer Service Experience
Call Center Times

Get results from your complaints
The Buffalo News

12 Reasons Why Employee Training Fails
Print andPromo

Vail Resorts: The Ultimate Customer Experience
Call Center Times

Employee Training Mistakes
Appeared in 277 publications

Book Review - Empowerment: A Way of Life
Biz India

A Dozen Reasons Why Employee Training Fails
Retail Observer

Five Golden Rules of Customer Retention 
Article Weekly

Empowered Employees Power Profits
Retail Observer (PDF)

12 Reasons Why Employee Training Fails
Balanced Living News


2013 Customer Service Articles


Customer Service Leaders Must Master Speed
Retail Observer

Are You A Great Manager?

Empowered Employees Power Profits
Article Weekly

A Baker's Dozen - Reasons Why Employee Training Fails
Call Center Times

Customer Service Leaders Must Master Speed
Retail Observer (PDF)

Customer Service Is Everyone's Job
Retail Observer (PDF)

Customer Service Keynote Speaker John Tschohl Says Businesses Must Master Speed
Digital Journal (appeared in 350 publications)

Superior Service
Sales and Service Excellence Essentials (PDF)

In the Beginning, There Was the Plan.  Superior Customer Service Requires a Strategy
Retail Observer

Want to Dominate Your Competitors? Focus on a Customer Service Strategy
Retail Observer

Is Customer Service Experience Your Top Priority?
Power Sports Business

Tanzania Society of Travel Agents Organizes Training
Global Travel Industry News

Customer Service is Everyone's Job
Boston Business Journal

Welcome Aboard (download)
Ethiopian Airlines

The Gold Standard of Service (download)

Don't Loosen That Grip, Resist The Urge To Relax Financial Controls
Retail Observer

Cultura de servicia al cliente incrementa ganancias en 25%
El Diario De Hoy

Healthcare Employees Can Move Up to Better Jobs 
Wall Street Journal

The Volleyball Team Manual - Is it for the Players or the Coach? 
The Art of Coaching VolleyBall

Exclusive Interview with John Tschohl
Customer Service in Russia

Personal Connections, Mastering the Telephone
Retail Observer

Build Your Dream Team. Educate, Motivate, Stimulate, Evaluate, and Terminate
Auto Success

How to Handle Irate Callers (PDF)
Answer Stat

"Pool-Ups" Strengthen Sales, Upsell Every Customer In Your Pool (PDF)
Aqua Magazine

Retail Banking Employees Can Move Up to Better Jobs, Says Customer Service Expert John Tschohl
The Wall Street Journal

Build Your Dream Team. Educate, Motivate, Stimulate, Evaluate, and Terminate
Retail Observer

Build Your Dream Team. Educate, Motivate, Stimulate, Evaluate, and Terminate
Article Weekly

Who Are Your Customers? If You Don't Know, How Can You Serve Them?
Retail Observer

Moving to Another City: How to Avoid Negativity
Planeta HR (Russia)

Delovaya Afisha-Interview with John Tschohl (Russia)

Birzha Interview with John Tschohl (Russia)

Unhappy Customers Are Like A Bomb, Megapolis (Kazakhstan)

Human Resources Management Interview with John Tschohl (cover story)(Russia)

St. Petersburg In Your Pocket Interview with John Tschohl (Russia) HeadHunter (Russia)

Planeta HR: Safety and Time Issues Cannot Be Solved By Prohibiting

Who Are Your Customers

Moving Up, Get out of that rut!
Personal Excellence

Moving Up, Take Control and Get Out of That Rut!
Retail Observer

Forbes Magazine (Russia)

Mackay: We're all in the customer service business (Published in 52 Newspapers)
StarTribune | busines

Who Are Your Customers? - If you Don't Know, How can You Serve Them?
Article Weekly

Co-workers are customers too: Provide them with the best service possible
Daily Buzz

Hire and Check
Client's Territory - Spring 2013 (Russia)

Time to Hire? Target Your Recruiting efforts
Retail Observer

Time to Hire? Target Your Recruiting efforts
Call Center Times

Customers Aren't Always Right. Sometimes You Have to Risk Letting Them Go
The Retail Observer

How Do You Rate? How Do You Impact Your Employees and Their Productivity?
Call Center Times

How Do You Rate? How You Impact Your Employees and Their Productivity
The Retail Observer

Masters of the Customer Experience: What Kind of Value Do You Provide Your Customers?
Call Center Times

How Do You Rate? How Do you Impact Productivity?
Sales and Service Excellence

Master the Experience. Provide customers more value.
Sales and Service Excellence

2012 Customer Service Articles

E-Satisfaction: Everything You Do Should Focus On The Customer
Multi-Unit Franchisee

How Do You Impact Your Employees and Their Productivity?
4 Hoteliers

Customer Service Myths: The Real Story Behind Superior Service
The Retail Observer

The Real Story Behind Superior Service
4 Hoteliers

Gold-Medal Service: What the Olympics Can Teach You
Sales and Service Excellence

Empower Employees to Be Decision-Makers
Fox Business

Empower Employees to Be Decision-Makers
MSN: Business on Main

Follow the Leader - and Leave the Rest of the Pack Behind
Call Center Times

Follow the Leader - and Leave the Rest of the Pack Behind
The Retail Observer

Million-Dollar Ideas: A Strategy for Creating Content
Speaker Magazine

Porque todos somos Clientes
Cable en linea

Wanted: E-Commerce Leaders - Everything You Do Should Focus on the Customer
The Retail Observer

Walk in Customers' Shoes: Are you easy to do business with? (see page 16)
Sales and Service Excellence

Insurance industry earns high marks for customer service

Want To Be A Service Leader?
The Retail Observer

Doing More With Less: Motivating Employees To Be More Productive
Floor Care Professional

Costa Concordia Discount Offer Misconstrued
LA Times

5 Business Problems Solved (In One Page or Less)
Business News

Making A Wrong Right: How to Handle Irate Internal Customers
The Retail Observer

Speed, Price, and Service
The Retail Observer

Seven Tips For Coping With Customer Questions

Partnering With Your Customers
The Retail Observer

Employee Satisfaction: Survey, Analysis, Reaction (Russian)
Planeta HR (

Kill Stupid Rules (Russian)

Coworkers As Customers
Sales and Service Excellence Magazine

John Tschohl, Called the "Guru of Customer Service" by Time Magazine, In an Exclusive Interview for Write and Read (Russian)

Indignities of Travel: Fliers Recount Humiliating Incidents
USA Today

Costa and Carnival Try to Put Out PR Fires

How to Tame a Caligula (Russian)
CIO Magazine

How Banks Can Keep Customers Happy

We Are Responsible For Those We Manage. Leading Customer Service Teams (Russian)
Client's Territory

7 Secrets to Super Customer Service
CNN Money

As One Team (Russian)

Wells Fargo Charges Fee For Checking
The Wall Street Journal

Tale of the Three Investments (Russian)

Corporate Values: The Development and Promotion of Staff (Russian)
HR Planet

Coworkers Are Customers, Too
The Retail Observer

How Companies Can Create A Service Culture
Star Tribune

High Tech High Touch
The Retail Observer

2011 Customer Service Articles

Open Letter To NetFlix
My DVD Insider

High Tech High Touch
Customer Think

7 Secrets To Super Customer Service
CNN Money/em>

Small Business Saturday Tips
Daily Herald, Bellevue, WA

Black Friday Shopping Strategies

Empower Your Employees...Your Business Depends On It
MSN Business on Main

How Can You Motivate Your Employees To Be More Productive?
4 Hoteliers - Hospitality, Hotel, and Travel News

Dump Your Bank Day: Can consumers put a serious dent in big banks?
Christian Science Monitor

Stuck on a plane, fliers have few options

Doing More With Less
Call Center Times

How To Motivate Employees To Be More Productive
Retail Observer

Life Lessons Excerpt
Real Simple

Does Your Bank Want You Off Their Books?
Fox Business

You Can't Hide Bad Service
Call Center Times

Bank loyalty fading on fees as customers take accounts elsewhere
Denver Post

9 Ways Supermarkets Suck You In
Daily Finance

B of A Should Take a Page from Vernon Hill

Bank Fees Are Irking Customers
Sun Herald

Interview - Commercial Director 09/2011 (Russian)

Citibank is next with a new banking fee
Los Angeles Times

Banks Going the Way of Airlines, Netflix, With Debit Fees
Bank Systems Technology

Empowered Employees Create Happy Customers

4 Roadblocks On The Road To Small Business Empowerment
Lendio Blog

Customer Service Myths: If you Believe Them You're In Trouble
Promotional Products Business


HR Brand- Dialogues>

How Do You Rate As A Boss?
Call Center Times

Who Controls Your Destiny?
The Retail Observer, September 2011

Cutting Costs While Improving Customer Service">

Is It The e-Service Era?">

How To Achieve Delivering Great Customer Service
Modern Restaurant Magazine, June 2011(Russian)

A Winning Strategy: Create a Service Culture and Watch Your Sales Soar
Retail Observer August 2011

Success Formula "I myself"
Review "Empowerment: A Way of Life"

Achieving Excellence Through Customer Service
Review Digest Kyivstar(Russian)

Article on Low Customer Service in the Far East(Russian)

First Class Customer Service (Review: "Achieving Excellence Through Customer Service"

Review of "Empowerment: A Way of Life"

Review - "Empowerment: A Way of Life" (Ukraine)(Russian)

"Empowerment: A Way of Life" listed among 2011 most interesting books

Service Recovery: A Powerfull Tool for Success
HR Brand (Russian)

HR Branding of the Future: How Companies Will be Recruiting and Keeping Employees in 2015
HR Brand (Russian)

Say Yes. Don't Say No.
HR Brand (Russian)

Line Managers Leadership Development
Human Potential Magazine 2011 (Russian)

Empowerment - Book Review
Spring 2011 - IICM Credit Focus

Reduce Costs and Improve Morale
June 2011 - Retail Observer

Competitiveness Benchmarking
May 2011 - Brainity (Russian)

Technology and the Human Touch
May 2011 - Retail Observer

Customer Service Myths (Russian)
April 2011 - Expert Club Pulset

Technology and the Human Touch
April 2011 - Call Center Times

Customer Service Myths: If You Believe Them, You're In Trouble
April 2011 - Retail Observer

Customer Service Myths: If you Believe Them, You're in Trouble
March 2011 - Call Center Times

Empowerment as a Way of Life
March 2011 - (Russian)

Customer Service Myths: If You Believe Them, You're in Trouble
March 2011 - (English)

John Tschohl Featured in Publication
March 2011 - Strong-Man (Russian)

Russian Business Seen by an American
March 2011 - Pulset-Club (Russian)

Effective training and development tools for sales reps
February 2011 - HR Brand

Keep Those Complaints Coming
February 2011 - Retail Observer

Hiring: no formal approach!
February 2011 - Expert Club Pulset (Russian)

Build A Great Team: Hire for Attitude, Train for Skills
February 2011 - Brainity (Russian)

No New Year's resolutions and plans but real goals to change things for the better
January 2011 - Brainity (Russian)

Keep Those Complaints Coming
January 2011 - Media Release

If You Don't Believe Me, Believe Them
January 2011 - Retail Observer

2010 Customer Service Articles

Empowerment Role Models
December 2010 - 4Hoteliers

Q and A: Investing in human resource is key to improving service delivery -- Customer Service Expert
December 2010 - Sundaytimes

Five Questions with... John Tschohl
December 2010 - Inventors Digest

Removing Road Blocks
December 2010 - Excellence

400 Trained in customer care
November 2010 - The New Times - Rwanda

Removing the Roadblocks
November 2010 - Retail Observer

What customers back? Treat them well
October 2010 - - Business

JetBlue campaign jabs rivals' fees
October 2010 - USA TODAY - MONEY

Service Recovery: A Great Return on Investment
October 2010 - Retail Observer

Customer Service will drive success
April 2010 - Siemens Industry Journal

A Tale of Three Investments and the Power of a Service Strategy
September 2010 - Retail Observer

Changing the Way You Work
July 2010 - Retail Observer

Six Steps of Customer Service
June 2010 - Call Center Times

A Lesson in How "Not" to Win Customers
June 2010 - Retail Observer

Complaining 101: Make Your Gripe Heard
May 2010 - MSN Money

National Economic Newspaper - Belarus
April 2010 - In Russian

What is Your Dream?
The Retail Observer May 2010

No Job Is Safe
The Retail Observer April 2010

Bad Bosses: Don't Be One
The Retail Observer March 2010

Empowerment: is it a myth?
The Retail Observer February 2010

Don't Hire Employees Who Don't Like People
The Retail Observer January 2010


2009 Customer Service Articles

6 Steps of Customer Service - Master these and you will succeed
Better your company by following these 6 easy steps
The Retail Observer December 2009

Kagame calls on business leaders to change mindset
John Tschohls presentation on Achieving Excellence Through Customer Service has Rwanda's top leaders looking to improve customer service throughout the country.
The New Times - Rwanda's First Daily, December 05, 2009.

Managing For Success - Elevating Your Level of Customer Service
Superior people handling skills aid the bottom line.
Investors Business Daily, November 30, 2009.

Create a Service Culture - You will be Rewarded
The Retail Observer November 2009.

John Tschohl in La Prensa Grafica - El Salvador
Front page article in Spanish on John Tschohl in La Prensa the largest newspaper in El Salvador. From his Service Strategy seminar on October 16.
Article Date: Ocober 23, 2009

John Tschohl in La Prensa Grafica- El Salvador
Front page article in Spanish on John Tschohl in La Prensa the largest newspaper in El Salvador. Before his Service Strategy seminar on October 16.
Article Date: Ocober 15, 2009

Social Networking - Will it Create More Sales?
Social Networking Article by John Tschohl. The Retail Observer October 2009.

The Oceanaire: A Customer Service Role Model
Article on Customer Service by John Tschohl. The Retail Observer October 2009.

John Tschohl featured in full page article in La Prensa Grafica newspaper in El Salvador.
It is in Spanish. On October 16 John is doing a one day seminar, Service Strategies for an Economic Impact - The Wow Effect in El Salvador. About 150 top executives from throughout Central America are attending.

John Tschohl In Romania. Video Interview - September 24, 2009
John Tschohl had an exclusive interview with Newchannel ro in Bucharest, Romania before his major Customer Service Conference. About 100 of the leading companies in Romania attended his public seminar sponsored by SQI Romania

The Times (S. Africa), September 5, 2009
Increase the odds of a job, John Tschohl comments on employee attitude

Time, September 3, 2009
The Airlines' Customer-Complaint Lines: No Answe

USA Today, August 19, 2009
John Tschohl in USA Today on Service Recovery with Continental Airlines

Sales and Service Excellence, July 2009
Customer Experience: Create Great Ones or Recover Fast

Boost Your Bottom Line, August 3, 2009
John Tschohl shares secrets to an effective employee suggestion program.

Qatar Press Release, August 2009
Al Raya Newspaper Qatar

The Retail Observer, August 2009
"Don't Run From Complaining Customers"

USA Today, July 29, 2009
John Tschohl quoted in USA Today the largest newspaper in the U.S.
Customers say hotel service improves despite cost cuts.

USA Today, Jaunary 14, 2009
"Fliers' Complaints on Upswing"
USA Today states John Tschohl as the "Guru of Customer Service"

The Retail Observer, July 2009
"Bulletproof your Job"

First Rate Customer Service, June 2009
"Respond confidently to customer complaints"

First Rate Customer Service, June 2009
"Overcome limitations"

The Retail Observer, May 2009
"Service Recovery - What to do when you've made a mistake"

Business Review - Key Bank, Spring/Summer 2009
"Service with a Smile"

Lawn and Landscape, May 2009
"Service Check"

Sales and Service Excellence, April 2009
"Customer Friendly - Get rid of all that is not"

Retail Observer, February 2009
"Is Money a Motivator, No!"

Emprende Revista, January 2009
"Email Marketing"

Human Resource Management, January 2009
Russian Magazine, January 7, 2009
"On Customer Service: To Destroy Value, Skimp on Employee Training"

Retailnologies e-Magazine, January 2009
"El Guru del Servicio al Cliente"

2008 Customer Service Articles

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Walk In Your Customers' Shoes

Emprende Revista, Diciembre 2008
"Consejos Del Guru Mundial Del Servicio al Cliente"

Sales and Service Excellence Magazine, August 6, 2008
"Tough Action - Don't Try to Motivate People"

HR Management Magazine, April 2008 - Russia
"Train, Educate, Reward!"

General Director Article in Russian, April 2008 - Russia

Entreprenur Articulo Febrero - Spanish

2007 Customer Service Articles

Sales and Marketing Management, December 2007
Russian Magazine

Sekret Firmy (Corporate Secret) Magazine - Russian

Press Release on Euroset, in Russia.

Entrepeneur Magazine Article, August 2007
Entrepeneur Russia Magazine featuring John Tschohl